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                                                     THE BENEVOLENT AND PROTECTIVE ORDER OF ELKS

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We are excited to announce that the Lebanon Elks Lodge will be re-opening on Thursday, May 21st!  While we are sure many of you are also excited please know that the lodge will feel a little different as we open under the guidelines and rules as outlined by the by the Ohio Department of Health.  Please understand that these are not merely guidelines, but mandated by law. The lodge will be inspected at some point by the county health department.

Before getting in to the specific schedule & operational changes I would like to stress that the officers of the lodge have been working hard to plan and implement the changes required to open safely.

The lodge will have some new, temporary, operating schedule until the end of May. At that time we will re-access how things have been working and adjust moving forward. We may also make additional changes as needed based on the renovation schedule for the club room. Keep in mind these are considered temporary.

Adjusted Operating Schedule


Monday - 4 to 7 PM - Volunteer bartender

Tuesday - Closed

Wednesday - Closed

Thursday - 5 to 10 PM

Friday - 5 to 11 PM

Saturday - 5 to 11 PM

Sunday - Closed

There are a number of new rules in the lodge, all of which you will also find at other restaurants or bars.  We will have the full policies posted in the lodge as well.

1. Any employee, volunteer or guest that does not feel well should not enter the lodge for any reason. If you or anyone in your household is not feeling well please stay home for the health and safety of others.

2. By now I am everyone is well aware of the requirement for social distancing. Tables will be set apart to allow 6 feet between groups. We ask that members not move the tables around so that we can maintain distancing. Given the close proximity to staff and other members some or all of the bar stools will not be used. Please follow the directions given and only use approved seating. We will make room for members to line up while distancing for drink service. Please space yourself as directed and be patient!

3. All employees are required to regularly wash their hands (which has always been the case).  Additionally, the lodge has hand sanitizer available in the club room. Please feel free to use this sanitizer upon entering or exiting the lounge.

4. Bartenders and volunteer staff who are serving or waiting on patrons ARE required to wear face coverings. Members may wear masks if they want - they are considered recommended but voluntary. Bartenders are required to notify the lodge if they are not feeling well and required to sign a health assessment form prior to each shift verifying they are free of any symptoms of illness.

5. We will be utilizing plastic one use drink wear to limit the need for handling and washing glasses after use. We will eliminate any unnecessary items on the table tops and bar. We ask that members please throw away their glasses and other trash upon leaving a table. We will make cleaning supplies available and ask that you wipe down your table after clearing it. If you are uncomfortable doing so we will have someone else perform this for you. The idea being is to limit the bartenders interaction while serving members.

6. Temporarily we will not be serving food and the popcorn machine will not be in use. If members want to bring in or order food for the members of their table that is permissible. We want to eliminate buffet style food service and group sharing.

7. The book drawings are temporarily suspended to avoid large crowds. We will announce in advance when they are scheduled to return.

8. We will not be renting the second floor until we feel we can do so safely. We will however use the second floor should the club room crowd dictate - based on our limited social distancing seating.

9. The bar and cleaning staff will regularly clean and sanitize common surfaces prior to opening, at regular periods during operation, and again at closing time.  This includes bar, table tops, door handles and light switches.

10. DORA (Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area) will be in effect in downtown Lebanon when we re-open. You can purchase a DORA cup and take your beverage outside the lodge. These are one use cups intended for drinking outside the lodge. Please see the section below for more details.

A complete list of guidelines and operation rules will be posted in the lodge for review.  Please know that our lodge's leadership takes the safety of our members and their guests very seriously, and are working hard to prepare our lodge to reopen so that we can once again enjoy our facility and continue the work we do.

The key to a successful return to the lodge will be planning and patience. As officers, employees and members navigate the changes required to operate safely we all need to keep in mind our overall goals. As a fraternal organization we need to work together with patience and understanding.

 A reminder to those who are immune compromised or vulnerable please exercise your own discretion and realize that no matter how much we try, exposure to others increases the risk of exposure and infection.

If you have a specific issue or concern please contact a board member to address it. It is against lodge policy for members to address problems directly with our staff. This is based on the simple concept that the bartenders can't have 400 members telling them how to do things.

All that being said we look forward to seeing you at the lodge soon...